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Tips: Selection, Use, Maintenance and Data Recovery for Memory Card

Our digital life Can not be without Memory Card

Nowadays, our life can not be without a variety of digital products. Digital camera, DV, camera phones have become important parts in our daily life. Kingston,the largest storage device manufacturer in the world, provides a full range of memory card for the consumers, including SD Card , miniSD Card , MMC Card , RS – MMC card, CF card, etc. Here, we introduce some tips for the memory card selection, use and day-to-day maintenance.

Seletion for Memory Card-Give Me Bright Eyes

First of all, we should know what the memory card are and what kinds of memory card are suitable for our digital gadgets.

CF card is the earliest memory card, which also is now the most widely used memory card. Common CF card has two specifications, TypeI and TypeII, divided into working voltage in 3.3V and 5V. All CF cards can work in both voltage, but whether our equipment
support in TypeI or TypeII, we need to refer to the devices manual. CF card is the most widely used in the field of digital cameras, some kinds of PDA and MP3 player use a CF card as the storage medium.

Most of small digital products use SD card, which has the biggest characteristic of small volume, low power consumption. In addition, SM card, miniSD card, MMC card, RS – MMC card, etc, are popular on the market at present. SD card is widely used in the field of digital photography, more is in the PDA, digital music players, smartphones, etc. MiniSD card can maximize the performance of multi-functional removable terminal. With simply operation, they could bring a superior performance of the driving force to the mobile phone, PDA, MP3, digital camera, which are equipped capable of storage extension.

It is not enough for us to know the kinds of memory card. To choose the memory card properly, we should know our demand firstly, or our digital product need what kinds of memory card. What is the most important is the capacity and reading speed of memory card. Take digital photography as an example, large capacity is good, but we can not purchase a large capacity blindly.


memory card data recovery   SD card data recovery


Digital camera, from affordable models with 3 million to high-end professional models with 8 million pixels,  even to prfe ssional digital SLR camera with tens of millions of pixels, it is very exquisite to choose memory card for them. For popular camera, due to the limitation of performance, it is enough to choose a memory card with 128 MB and average speed,even the photos taked by this kind of camera is with high quality photos and use compressed JPG format. When high-performance digital camera taking high resolution photos, it need to store the larger image file into the memory card quickly.Therefore memory access speed becomes quite important. Camera with 8 million pixels or more, take photos under the high resolution photographs, even with JPG format compression storage, the size of each photos are usually over 1.5 MB, and with large capacity battery support,a 512 MB or 1 g capacity of the memory card will come in handy.

Finally, It is necessary to remind you that there are so many fake in the market now. When you buy a memory card, you should go to a official shop or standard digital devices shop to buy memory card.

how to choose memory card

How to Use Memory Card-Details Decide Everything

How to choose is the first step for memory showing its performance, and some details in daily usage play a important role.

Which come to first is memory card formatting, we should be careful and more careful for formatting, memory card is similar as other storage devices, it need to be formatted before using. Although formatting memory card won’t impact a lot to the life of memory card, but it have an effective on the performance of memory card and data storage, so we suggest you do not format memory card frequently.

Besides, we should pay attention to the condition of device when doing formatting. Do not format memory card when the devices are in low power, because it is easy to cause formatting error or failure in this condition. Formatting error is very serious, nobody want to see the tragedy about reading error after taking amount of photos.

Finishing formatting is the base of using memory card correctly, there are many details need to be paid attention to in our daily life, such as confirming the devices whether support “hot plug”. With the development of technology, most of digital products support” hot plug ” for memory card, but we still suggests consumers to seriously refer to instruction manual of the equipment. If you unplug the memory card in boot state from a device do not have “hot plug” feature, it can cause memory card storage error, s even burned memory card and digital equipment.In additions, although the reliability of the storage card is five times or even more than ten times higher than the hard disk or other storage device, but they still belongs to the sophisticated electronic equipment. So please be kind to all kinds of memory card, memory card is inserted in drawing should be “gentle”, in order to protect the memory card of the contact. As far as possible to avoid vibration at work, because strong vibrations can lead to memory card work in error.memory card photos recovery

Maintenance of Memory Card-The Secrets of Long Life

Last but not the least, how to make memory card live longer? The following are some tips for maintenance of memory card:

1. When you do not use the card for a long time, please remove the memory card.It can effectively prolong the life of the memory card, avoid accidents happen, and effectively protect the memory card of contact.

2.Do not press, bend the memory card and avoid falling and impacting.

3.Avoid using and storing in high temperature, high humidity, do not place the memory card in the sunshine.

4.Avoid electrostatic and magnetic.

Data Protection and Recovery in Memory Card

When you know how to select,use and maintain a memory card, you should store so many things to make good use it. If the data you save are important, then knowing how to protect data is necessary for you.Here are some skills for data protection:

1.Do not unplug the memory card when data transfering.If you unplug the memory card of cut down the data transfer incorrectly, the partitiion in the memory card may be corrupted which cause data loss.

2.Unplug the memory card from devices correctly, some people have bad habbit that unpluging memory card or other storage devices from computer derectly without click ” delete hardware safely”, this action may cause memory card error, when you connect or plug the memory card to devices, the deviece may not read the card data.

3.Protect memory card from virus attack, Virus is commom in the digital era, if you connect your memory card to a computer attacked by virus, it may be infected and the data may loss.

However, sometimes data loss from memory card is unavoidable.If you are so unlucky that you get into the hot water of data loss, you can ask profssional recovery software for help.For example, you can use Card Data Recovery to recover data from memory card.

Card data Recovery

Card Data Recovery-if your memory card is corrupted and the mostly digital data are gone then you probably need this software. Not only corrupted data, this software can also recover deleted formatted data or inaccessible due to memory card error. the function of preview in the tool makes you to view the thumbnails before you retrieve. It supports almost all memory card types including compact flash card, SD card (SDHC), CFcard, memory stick, MMC card etc.You can learn more from here:


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